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Closed for the Weekend

with Athena Calderone

CLOSED Natalia Montero

with Athena Calderone

CLOSED Natalia Montero

Athena Calderone has made a career out of her boundless quest for beauty—all that makes the eye swoon. The multi-talented creative from New York is an accomplished interior designer, author, chef, entertaining expert, and founder of the world-renowned, — a thoughtful curation of artful objects intended for everyday use.

CLOSED Natalia Montero

In this denim edit, the stylish tastemaker shows us how she wears her favorite Closed denim styles on the weekends at her mid-century home in the Hamptons. Discover how she unwinds between Friday night and Monday morning, why it differs from her weekdays in Brooklyn, and so much more!


To which weekend moment do you look forward the most, during the week?

For many years as I was building my business, I worked from home and my week melded into my weekends – there was no real separation. But as EyeSwoon has grown along with my team and more responsibilities have fallen on me, I really cherish the weekends so much more and I make a concerted effort to ensure they are distinctly different from my workdays. During the week, I am always over-scheduled so I try to free my calendar over the weekend as much as possible. I’m even hesitant to make plans with friends because I want to stay in my pajamas by a crackling fire and read a book. I really crave a blissful amount of space to think, dream, take walks, soak in the tub, enjoy a long lunch, visit the farmer’s market, go on hikes with Tuco, exercise, or cook. All the things I never have time for during the week. I savor these small, simple rituals, to set aside time to luxuriate in those moments both with myself and with my family.

Which object in your home or which meal/smell/sound immediately means "weekend" to you?

The crackle of the fireplace. The heavenly scent of butter and shallots sautéing. The taste of homemade pasta with red wine or a flakey buttery croissant at Carissa’s, my favorite bakery in the Hamptons, where I love to indulge in a long breakfast. The feel of the sand beneath my feet, collecting stones and rocks as I walk along the beach with our dog, Tuco. The sight of waves crashing at sunset. The sound of a hot bath running while mellow jazz plays in the background. This sensorial mélange means “weekend” to me.

CLOSED Natalia Montero

What do you only do on the weekends, but never during the week?

Read for hours on end, book a massage, go antiquing at my favorite vintage shops in the Hamptons, or enjoy a long breakfast at Carissa’s.

Friday nights or Sunday mornings – which part of the weekend do you usually like best and why?

Friday nights for sure because you still have two full days ahead of you. Saturday is full of possibilities. I let myself completely relax. Then on Sunday mornings I usually love to make a big breakfast at our house. But Friday nights and Saturdays are absolutely my favorite days. Sunday makes me sad because I’m usually headed back to the city and back to work.

If you could beam back to any weekend in the past, which one would you choose and why?

On the weekend as a child, I’d often go fishing with my dad in Vermont. I don’t think I ever gave my dad credit for engaging my love of nature. I only recently came to realize that my love of being out on the water and on a boat comes from fishing with him on the weekends as a child. Even my love of the snow and snowboarding harks back to my weekends with dad in Vermont. I was so young and innocent and really looked up to my dad, soaking in all the things he would show and offer me.

Photos by Jenna Saraco

CLOSED Natalia Montero

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